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    Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Service in Adelaide

    We specialise in the repairs of Ducted Systems, Split Units, Ceiling Cassette Systems, Under Ceiling Systems and Mechanical Ventilation. Our fields of expertise involves Air Conditioning design and contracting for Residential, Business, Commercial Developments, and Industrial Complexes. We repair units using only original parts. We reply promptly to your airconditioning unit repair needs.

    We are able to offer advice and highly competitive pricing on any aspect of airconditioning backed by a solid foundation of after sales services excellence to our clients.

    Our company is ARC tick certified and approved

    Our team of tradesmen are fully qualified with recognised trade qualifications and have a simple philosophy of hard work and a strong focus on customer service.

    Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Experts – You Can Trust

    Whatever is your concern, True Air Conditioning has you covered. We have a team of professionals that identifies various models and makes of air conditioning systems and can tackle all types of repair jobs. You can commission us for residential, commercial and industrial repair and can expect reliable, honest services from our end.

    We have a team of certified professionals who are trained in their duties to perform simple to complex repairs. The best thing about us at True Air Conditioning is that we offer same-day assistance to our customers in Adelaide, because we understand that spending a single day without a functional air conditioner can take a toll on you. And, if you run a business, downtime of even a couple of hours can put you and your customers in a horrible situation. In a bid to prevent the situation from getting worse, True Air Conditioning delivers prompt assistance regarding residential and commercial air conditioning repair in Adelaide.

    Why Your Commercial Air Conditioning System Needs Repair?

    An air conditioning system fails mainly because of a bad compressor. After a couple of minutes you turn the air conditioner on, the compressor kick starts to dispense cool air. However, if the compressor is taking more than the expected time to start or is not starting at all, you have a bad compressor that needs to be repaired immediately to avoid further damage to the appliance.

    Sometimes, the compressor could lose its refrigerant gas charge due to a fracture to the copper pipe or a leaking valve. This should be immediately brought into the attention of A.C expert, because a compressor running without adequate refrigerant gas depreciates in efficiency prematurely.

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    How often should a commercial air conditioner be serviced?

    Commercial air conditioners like the residential ones are required to be serviced twice a year to ensure a longer lifespan. Generally, commercial complexes that have HVAC systems that bear the load of cooling vast areas in a short time. The best time to service the commercial air conditioners is during the spring or the fall season. It is a thumb rule that a well maintained commercial air conditioning system along with few routine checks would ensure better efficiency, lower electricity bills and a longer life span of your commercial air conditioners.

    True Air airconditioning services are well known for providing quality service of your commercial as well as residential air conditioning systems in Adelaide.

    What is the life expectancy of a commercial HVAC unit?

    Various factors determine the life expectancy of a commercial HVAC unit. A well maintained commercial HVAC unit can last upto 15 to 18 years. Two important factors that augment the life expectancy of commercial HVAC units are:

    • Proper installation of the commercial HVAC unit. If the commercial HVAC unit is not installed properly the unit becomes prone to wear and tear leading to a decrease in the life of the HVAC unit. Errors in installation put the load on vital components of the unit, which lowers its operational efficiency.
    • The second factor is that commercial HVAC units should be properly maintained. Failure to get routine checks and maintenance done shortens the life expectancy of these units.

    True Air airconditioning services help you in getting your commercial HVAC unit installed and maintained in a proper manner. Our expert technicians are qualified and certified and they have vast experience in installing, maintaining and servicing commercial heating and cooling units.

    How do you maintain a commercial HVAC system?

    The maintenance of a commercial HVAC system should be carried out twice a year. Apart from cleaning the filters and condensers, it is important that the functionality of the unit and its parts should be thoroughly checked. The commercial HVAC systems parts such as the condenser, evaporator coils, drain pipes, fan and blower should be cleaned. Clogs and other elements, which obstruct its functionality, should be removed. Any part that shows wear and tear should be replaced.

    True Air airconditioning services ensure that your commercial HVAC systems are well maintained and thoroughly checked so that it gives you proper comfort all year long.

    How much does it cost to replace a commercial HVAC system?

    Commercial HVAC machines are bulky units. The air conditioning service, installation and replacement of such units depends on their size. An HVAC unit under warranty can be easily replaced in comparison to the one, which is out of warranty. Also if you want to upgrade to a better model the cost of the new model should also be considered.

    Thus before installing a new commercial HVAC unit you should consider the requirements of your building such as why do you need the HVAC unit, what type of business you do, do you work seasonally or all year round? These factors would help you determine the best HVAC unit for your commercial space which in turn would lower the possibility of getting it replaced.

    True Air helps to install, service, replace, repair and maintain the commercial HVAC units. Our team of experts ensure that the air conditioning service is carried out effectively and with minimal hassles. They also give advice to you regarding which commercial HVAC unit would be best for your building.

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    Peter Drew
    Peter Drew
    Excellent price and service. Gerry installed to units in our home. He did a very neat job and we're happy with the results.
    Big Bird Man
    Big Bird Man
    Gerry from True Air installed a small split system for us and he did a perfect job, not cheap but totally worth very cent I paid him.
    Angelos Tsolos
    Angelos Tsolos
    Great service and workmanship from True Air Air-conditioning who installed a brand new fully ducted system! Highly recommended!!
    Gerry Kosmidis
    Gerry Kosmidis
    Honest and reliable service is what we expected and that is what we received. Thank you
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    Kristy Pennington
    Great Service & advice. Thanks!
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