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Air Conditioning Service & Repair Adelaide

Air Conditioning Installation Adelaide

AirConditioning Service & Repairs in Adelaide

We provide airconditioning service of the highest standards. Our service manages the maintenance of major offices and commercial complexes (pubs, clubs etc) across Adelaide and regional South Australia.

We specialise in the servicing Ducted Systems, Split Units, Ceiling Cassette Systems, Under Ceiling Systems and Mechanical Ventilation. Our field of expertise involves AirConditioning
design and contracting for Residential, Business and Commercial Developments. We prepare and provide airconditioning service contracts to ensure the longevity of your investment. We reply promptly to you service needs and we service units using only original parts.

We are able to offer advice and highly competitive pricing on any aspect of AirConditioning, backed by a solid foundation of after sales services excellence to our clients.

We offer a maintenance service agreement for residential homes that would give you a priority 1 attention by our Service Department. As we have your details on our database, we can promptly attend to any problems with your system

Our Company is ARC Tick Certified & Approved

Our team of tradesmen are fully qualified with recognised trade qualifications.

AirConditioning Service Adelaide

True AirConditioning delivers the best AirConditioning service to Adelaide residents and business owners. AirConditioning system has become a burning necessity to survive the scorching heat of summers in a city like Adelaide. Ensuring the utmost functionality of your A.C is vital. For this, we come to you to service your AirConditioning system for optimum performance. With frequent servicing, your investment will certainly pay off in the long run.

Usually, first service is due subsequent to one year of AirConditioning installation. One must not overlook the significance of servicing for it saves you hefty AirConditioning repair expenses in future. You can consult with the experts at True AirConditioning for regular service assistance.

AirConditioning Repair Adelaide

True AirConditioning has been around in the industry for several years, catering for private and commercial establishments. Besides installation, we can also offer AirConditioning service and repair assistance for any model or make.

Ours is an ARC approved venture that is widely acclaimed and accredited for offering the most dependable services. You’d be glad to know that all our professionals are certified and use quality tools and equipment for installation, service and repair purposes. This gives them the confidence to accomplish the job right the first time.

With True AirConditioning, the installation of your AirConditioning system will be safe, reliable and affordable. Reach us today!

How often do I need to service my air conditioner?

Routine service of your air conditioner saves you from the hassles you might face later on. Maintenance of your electronics such as an air conditioner ensures that it works consistently when it is required the most. A routine check also ensures that you don’t have to spend time and money on getting the expensive air conditioning repairs done.

Especially during the summer season when the temperature is rising, it’s vital that your air conditioner is in perfect condition to serve you better in the sweltering heat. Customers should understand if air conditioning services are done at least once a year it would result in better output and energy efficiency.

True Air airconditioning services have been around in the air conditioning industry for many years. We efficiently cater to the needs of residential and commercial spaces. Apart from installation, we provide servicing and repair and maintenance assistance for any model.

It’s easy to determine if your air conditioning system needs a routine check and maintenance. Here are few indicators:

  • The air conditioner is making a noise when it’s operational.
  • If the air conditioner is not able to provide cooling or is taking longer to cool the area
  • A high electricity bill is also an indicator that your air conditioning system requires maintenance.

The expert technicians from True Air ensure accurately determine the problem that might arise with your air conditioning system and provide the best solution so that your air conditioner works perfectly when you need it to. Just call our experts to set up an appointment to get your air conditioning system checked.

Do you service Split System Air Conditioners?

Before the augment of the Summer season and the onset of winter it’s essential that one should get the Split System Air Conditioners serviced to ensure that they have a longer life. A professional technician would help you ease the process of servicing the air conditioners. With his technical expertise, he would ensure that not only the parts are clean but are working in perfect condition. They also determine the level of wear and tear to make sure that there is no part of the air conditioning system that requires to be replaced.

True Air airconditioning services provide the best air conditioning repair and service to ensure that these systems work perfectly fine when they are needed the most. Servicing a split system air conditioner is a difficult task. The following steps would help in increasing the lifespan of all types of air conditioners.

  • Unplug the air conditioning system from the power source before you begin cleaning and ensure that the air conditioner is perfectly dry.
  • Remove and clean the air filters after detaching the front panel.
  • Clean the cooling fins using the air blower.
  • Clean the coil and finally flush the drainpipes.
  • Give a clean restart to your air conditioner so that any dirty water is drained out.

Cleaning the air conditioner yourself ensures better performance. However, it is essential that trained professionals should carry out the cleaning of expensive electronics. Contact True Air airconditioning services to get the best air conditioning service and repairs.

Why Hire Us for Airconditioning Repair Service Adelaide?

When you choose us for your AirConditioning service, you can rest assured that your appliance will be handled with great care and will be serviced using industry-grade tools only.

True AirConditioning is ARC certified and approved company, comprising a team of fully qualified tradesmen.

We offer AirConditioning service up to the highest standards whilst keeping the price extremely competitive.

If there’s any component that needs to be replaced during the service, rest assured that a genuine part will replace the existing one.

We can handle a wide range of AirConditioning systems for regular servicing: Ducted Systems, Ceiling Cassette Systems, Under Ceiling Systems, Split Units and Mechanical Ventilation.

Reach us today for same-day assistance anywhere in Adelaide.

• EnviroTemp

EnviroTemp is an innovative and globally proven technology which will maximize the efficiency of all refrigeration and airconditioning.

Improves comfort, Reduces running cost and saves you money.

We can offer you this energy saving product on any refrigerated system, ducted, wall split, cassette and ceiling mount units.

Get the right assistance for your AC set up needs in Adelaide and enjoy the maximum cooling efficiency of your appliance. For an AirConditioning system to perform at its peak efficiency, the way it is installed matters more than anything else. Call True AirConditioning for the installation assistance anywhere in Adelaide and its surrounding areas. Our experts possess in-depth knowledge of AirConditioning systems and they know how to level up the efficiency of your cooling appliance; thereby, letting you save on your power bills.

If you think that calling an expert for the installation is not worthwhile, then think again. Unless you are well-versed with the installation of AirConditioning system, you are putting the appliance or yourself or both in a risky situation. Without any prior experience, AC installation is no less than a hassle. Therefore, calling over experts for help makes sense.

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