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Air conditioning systems have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Nowadays, every modern home is being built with proper insulation as well as necessary arrangements for the installation of air conditioning systems, in order to yield maximum efficiency. After all, air conditioner is an appliance which tends to break down or malfunction. Air conditioning systems have a peculiar habit to break down when they are needed the most. For such situations, you can always turn to True Air Airconditioning Services. We not only install air conditioning systems and make necessary connections for them operate seamlessly but also provide repair assistance so that you do not have to bear consequences of a bad air conditioner beyond your convenience.

For quick, reliable air conditioning repairs in Adelaide, True Air Airconditioning Services is always there at your beck and call. We believe that proper cooling in a home is important for your peace of mind and comfort. Don’t let a minor technical glitch in your air conditioner ruin your sanity and cause discomfort of any degree. Whenever you feel that your appliance is not cooling your interiors enough, call True Air Airconditioning Services for residential airconditioning repairs in Adelaide before the situation gets worse.

Our repair assistance is comprehensive, which covers everything from hoses, fan, electrical connections, compressor, air filters, gas refill and sensors to name a few. We have the right equipment and expertise to address your air-conditioning-repair needs in a professional manner.
Our technicians are certified, experienced and fully insured against on-site mishap, which means any damage to your appliance or property will be covered under our public liability insurance; hence, maximum peace of mind.

Reach us to book an appointment in advance or you can call us over for same-day assistance.

Residential/Home Air Conditioning Repairs Services in Adelaide

Air conditioners tend to break down or malfunction. They require regular cleaning and maintenance to function effectively. Thus it is better to have your home air conditioners serviced than to get them fixed or repaired when it suddenly stops working. Regular servicing of the air conditioners helps to find out the potential faults that might occur at a later stage or when they are needed the most.

In such a scenario, residents of Adelaide can trust and turn to True Air airconditioning services to get quality air conditioners repair and maintenance services. We provide quick and reliable air conditioning repairs in Adelaide. Our professional crew provides air conditioning services and maintenance of all the major brands to ensure that you get a comfortable environment all year round.

About Adelaide

Adelaide, Australia experiences mild winters and warm summers. The maximum temperature can reach 29°C (84.2°F) in summer. Winters can be chilling too where the temperature falls to 8°C (46.4°F). Heatwaves and completely dry weather make it difficult to sleep even during the nights. Prevalent use of air conditioners in summers can be seen in Adelaide. In such a case if you are, working at home especially in the kitchen without proper air conditioning can be a nightmare.

We at True Air understand the problems one might face in harsh temperatures. Thus, we design, supply, install, service and repair all types of air conditioning systems. We also advise our customers about the best air conditioners available which are not only energy-efficient but also takes care of their comfort level and budget.

How do you service residential air conditioning in Adelaide?

Air conditioning service requires time, effort and professional expertise. True Air airconditioning services provide supply, repair, servicing, installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems of major brands. When we get a call for service, installation or air conditioning repairs in Adelaide, we reach out to the customer immediately. We are available to cater to your air conditioning repair needs 24/7. For emergencies, we ensure that we reach within an hour.

Our team of experienced technicians get to the root of the problem after thoroughly diagnosing the air conditioning system. With their effective problem-solving skills, our experts locate and repair all problems that may arise from ducted air conditioning, condensers, blowers, and other elements of the air conditioner. We ensure that you get quality maintenance and air conditioning repairs in Adelaide at affordable rates.

How much does it cost to repair my home air conditioning system?

Air conditioning issues may range from simple faults to major malfunctioning. The service and repair cost of the air conditioners depends on the type of issue you are facing. In case the system is under warranty the cost may be minimal to nothing. However, in the case of an old air conditioning system the cost may include replacing a spare part that may have worn out.

To avoid such situations it is advisable to get your air conditioners serviced and maintained regularly. Normal ac checks help to find problems that might take major turns if left unaddressed. We at True Air ensure that you get the best repair and servicing of your air conditioning in Adelaide at affordable prices. Call us today.

How often should a residential Air Conditioner be serviced?

Regular air conditioning repairs are vital to maintain a healthy air conditioning system. Servicing air conditioners twice a year, especially during off-seasons, would ensure that the air conditioners are up and running effectively when you need them the most.

It is also important that the technician whom you are calling knows about the air conditioning repairs, maintenance and servicing. Therefore, if you are looking for efficient and best residential air conditioner services choose True Air. We are available 24/7 to provide you with efficient air conditioner servicing to give you peace of mind.

Are portable air conditioners safe?

Portable air conditioners are safe to use. If your house does not have the option of a window or split ac, you can choose portable air conditioners. These air conditioners are easy to maintain and have auto shut off in case of fire. One of the major issues one faces with portable air conditioners is that hot air needs to be exhausted outside to maintain a comfortable temperature. The warm air, if not released outside, would prevent the area from cooling.

Portable air conditioners are safe so if you need to install them you require an expert technician who knows where to install them. Call True Air and we would help you install your air conditioner at a place where you get a comfortable environment without any hassles.

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